The Game:
Our goal is to minimize mistakes when dispensing contacts
1) We MUST dispense all contacts that are in a tray in the contact lens closet (whether they are trials or boxes ordered)
2) We MUST make sure that either the contacts have been billed to insurance or we have collected the amount due before materials are released.

Rules of the game:
1) Yellow Coins are for mistakes.
2) Red Coins are for the goals that been reached at the end of every week.
3) We will have a goal for each week of April.
Week One: Two mistakes or less = drink run
Week Two: Two mistakes or less = $10.00 off ledger
Week Three: Two mistakes or less = 30 minutes PTO
Week Four: Ten mistakes or less for the entire month = $25 Visa Gift Card
4) Gather all contact lens sheets and put them in red folder next to printer. At the end of every day Vanessa will go through each patient one by one and check for mistakes.

Be on the lookout for YELLOW coins – the LESS THE BETTER!

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