At MODUS, we have a passion for helping other practice owners improve their lives (and the lives of their people) through their practices.

Imagine owning a practice where a team of people helps run the business. How much more could you get done?

Too often, practice owners basically own a job… they let their practices dictate their lives. By implementing the Great Game of Business, the team is empowered to think, act and feel like owners. While profitability, cash flow and team culture are improved, practice owners are able to do more of what they want to do and less of what they have to do, by working smarter rather than harder!


In leading a private optometric practice for the past 20 years, Dr. Danny Clarke has developed repeatable strategies for engaging his entire team in the business success. He plays a leadership role in several optometric information sharing and study groups and has served as a speaker for various organizations.

Danny owns a high gross/high net, single location, 5-doctor group practice in Wichita Falls, Texas. He has achieved a lifestyle well balanced between family and work by building an environment where everyone in the practice thinks, acts and feels like a business owner.

Working with The Great Game of Business, Danny and Joely Anderson have developed optometry-specific consulting and workshops to help fellow optometrists improve profitability, generate cash and build a culture of “owners”.

Dr. Clarke resides in Wichita Falls, Texas with his optometrist wife, Elizabeth. Their two children, Caroline and Drew, attend his alma mater, University of Texas in Austin. Hook 'em Horns!


As the COO for Clarke EyeCare Center in Wichita Falls, Texas, Joely Anderson thoroughly enjoys developing a very capable and dynamic team who think, act and feel like owners…sharing the desire for “their” practice to thrive. Joely sees her role as Chief Operations Officer as being very challenging, yet pivotal, in bringing the Clarke’s vision for their practice into reality.

Joely was not only instrumental in successfully implementing The Great Game of Business into the day-to-day operations of Clarke EyeCare Center, but she, along with Dr. Danny Clarke, co-founded MODUS Practice in Motion. They have developed optometry-specific consulting and workshops to help other practitioners implement the Great Game of Business into their own practices.

Besides leading a highly successful, 5-doctor private optometric practice and co-presenting the Great Game of Business workshops for optometry, Joely also spends time consulting and coaching other practices, helping them to develop their own management teams so that the practice is not as dependent on the owner.

Joely resides in Burkburnett, Texas with her husband, Jim. Their three children, Macey, Christian, and Warner are grown so they are very much enjoying their empty nest!

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