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MiniGames give people a chance to win early & win often. They are short-term, intensely focused, self-funded improvement plans designed to affect a change, correct a weakness, or pursue an opportunity.

There's a team goal, a scoreboard, and a reward for winning!

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Use the Community as a place to pull inspiration from when implementing the Great Game of Business. You now have access to the MiniGame ideas, learn tips for the next phase of playing the "Game" and so much more!

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Take a look at some of the testimonials from our MODUS workshop participants below:

I’m more excited about optometry and my practice than I have ever been in 15 years. I’m excited for my team how engaged and beneficial it will be for them. I’ve always wanted to spend more time working on my practice than in my practice and this will allow me to do that!

Altaz Shajani, O.D.

I don’t think I’ve ever attended a workshop which has left us with such a turnkey plan at the end. I have done benchmarking through Eye Recommend and Cleinman for years. Budgeting, bonus plans and several other analyses. I came to the workshop with some questions I have been trying to answer for years. This workshop answered each of those questions. I have struggled trying to teach the staff what I’ve learned and to get them to think like owners. I am confident this workshop will give us the tools to bridge the gap.

Anita Sutherland, Office Manager

Here is a tool that has been so well thought through. It includes real life examples and answers to most of the questions before you have the opportunity to ask them. This is the first workshop I’ve attended where I feel 100% confident that we’re going to implement and it will be successful!

Anita Sutherland, Office Manager
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