Beat the Clock - Patient Tracking

Purpose of Beat the Clock was to do a better job at tracking our patients, get the majority of patients to optical, decrease patient wait time and increase overall efficiency. We did this by tracking comprehensive appointments daily using the Compulink tracking system. We printed a daily report and tallied the minutes that patients spent in each station (check-in, pre-test, exam and optical). The appointments that met the time limit set at each station counted as a minute. Each minute was added and kept "time" on the clock. We also tallied each exam that was at or under 90 minutes from check-in to check out after being at each station. Two ways to win: The station with the most patients seen in the allotted time receives 2 PTO hours per staff person added to their accrued PTO time. If the comprehensive exams met the allotted time the entire staff would receive PTO hours: 60% met = 2 PTO hours, 80% met = 4 PTO hours, 100% = 6 PTO hours.


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